E.S.A.W  brand Beakers are widely used in research, industry and education.
They are ideal for heating, because of the optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical strength due to controlled wall thickness at sides, radius and bottom. The spouts wherever incorporated are designed to have excellent pouring characteristics.

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Beaker-Low Form With Spout


ESAW-9500.5000 Beaker-Low Form With SpoutThe spout design enables clean and precise pouring.Uniform wall thickness distribution makes its ideals for heating liquids.Cat. No. Capacity ( ml )Quantity Per Case9500.5000/015109500.5000/0210109500.5000/0325109500.5000/045069500.5000/0510069500.5000/0615069500.5000/0725069500.5000/0840069500.5000/08A..


Beaker-Tall Form with Spout


9500.5018 ESAW Tall Form Beaker With SpoutAccuracy of Graduation ±5%Cat. No. Capacity ( ml )Quantity Per Case9500.5018/0150109500.5018/0210069500.5018/0315069500.5018/0425069500.5018/0550069500.5018/0610003..

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